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How to Plan a Room Addition

Planning a Room Addition A room addition is an ideal solution when a family needs more space in the home. Proper planning of the project is essential to ensure that the addition will give the family the correct amount and type of space it wants. If you are thinking of an addition, here are the key factors to keep in mind. Read also:  How to Set Up a Home Office Know Why You Are Doing It Yes, your family needs more space. But what kind of space? Is it another bedroom? A gym? A home theatre? A home office? Each use has its special requirements so being sure about the way the room is going to be used will ensure that the design and space available are right. For example, if a home office is to be created, designing the space for the right amount of built-in furniture and storage space will give it a clean, uncluttered look that will increase the productivity of those who use it. Budgeting This means not just knowing what you can afford to spend on the addition, you need to be aware of wha