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How to Set Up a Home Office

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Working from home, be it full-time or part-time is going to be the norm for a large number of people. It offers many advantages to those who are willing to set up a home office that is conducive to efficiency and productivity. In most homes, there is little or no extra space to set up an office, so the design and layout are important in terms of both utilizing the available space effectively and having a good office. Understanding the basics of how to set one up is the first step in being as productive, if not more while working from home.

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  • The Desk: This could either be free-standing or placed against the wall. It could be traditional in design or it could be a modern workstation. The choice depends on the user’s requirements and preferences. What is important is to tailor the desk to the type of work that it will be used for and to keep it small (so as to not use up too much space) while not affecting its usability.

  • The Computer: Will a laptop be used or a desktop? In some cases, both may be required. Will it be convenient to use the computer(s) on the desk or will it be better if there is another table for it? How will the cable and wiring be placed? These are questions that need to be considered and answered before the office designing is done.

  • Computer Peripherals: What kind of printer is to be installed? A small basic one or a large professional-grade unit capable of producing engineering and other technical documents? Will an all-in-one unit be okay or will a separate scanner and copier be required? Where will these components be placed – cables have to be run and easy movement from one to the other is important.

  • Chairs: The chair is where a lot of time will be spent so it must be comfortable while suiting the layout; it should also not take up too much space. Visitors coming to the office too will need chairs. Will a small meeting table be needed?

  • Lighting: This is important because the lighting should be bright enough for work and if required, of different intensity in different parts of the office space. Designing lighting for optimum comfort and usability is not easy.

  • Filing Cabinets, Shelves, Etc.: Offices tend to collect papers and other items over time. The office should have enough storage space to accommodate the anticipated needs so that it does not become cluttered and messy in the future. So Cabinets and Shelves are very important while setting up a home office

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This is just an outline of the basics that need to be considered when setting up an office at home. The more personalized space is, the more comfortable it is to work in and the more effective the occupant’s performance. Setting up the ideal office at home requires an expert understanding of design, materials, and ergonomics. The right way to set up the best home office is to have it done by a design-build remodeling contractor. Most people who go this route find that the increased output from a professionally designed home office makes for a strong return on the modest investment that it entails.


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