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Top 5 Floor Design Trends for 2019

Floor designs have kept changing over the years, with each year offering homeowners new aesthetics and patterns. So, going with the “Top 5 series” here are the top picks for floor designs in 2019!       1.    Patterned Wooden Flooring Placing your wooden flooring in the same horizontal or vertical pattern is out of fashion! This year it’s all about placing them in simple yet artful patterns, be it the shape of an arrow or a zigzag pattern. More popular in the kitchen and bathrooms, the Chevron pattern is coming up in many homes! If you’re not interested in mainstream patterns and want to be unique, you MUST contact Daniel Mackey , because we bring you designer patterns that would make you the only homeowner to have that   particular design in the whole world! Image Courtesy: Pixabay 2.   Bleached Wooden Flooring       The classic brown or tinted wooden floors are not preferred by some homeowners and if you’re one of them, you’re in luck because the bleached woode