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Major Benefits of Green Remodeling

Are you interested in killing three birds with a single stone? Have you ever thought of the possibility of achieving three kinds of major saving with a single effort?  ‘A green remodeling project’ is the answer to these puzzling questions; yes, such a project helps you achieve three major savings –  on energy, materials and space!
Your Eco-friendly green living can save you big bucks as well. Green remodeling opens the window to three positive outcomes: energy economy, smart use of reclaimed materials and optimal exploitation of available space. Seize your opportunity of going green!
Energy saving

Start off your green remodeling with three basic changes to your existing home decor.
vAdd more electrical insulation to those already installed in the walls, floor and vents and meet the standard requirements to improve energy efficiency.
vFix faulty radiators and refill coolant gases in air conditioning units, which consume more power.
vReplace high power incandescent bulbs with LED/fluorescent …