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How You can Benefit from Design/Build Remodeling

Home remodeling can mean many things. It could simply be repainting a wall or replacing broken tiles. These are things you could do yourself. Or it could mean making major changes in a room, building an additional room, or upgrading your home with automation features. For big jobs, a remodeling contractor is a safe bet. Obviously, when looking for a contractor you want the best – someone who has got a good reputation, is experienced enough and has the right certifications. But there is another important factor to consider – is the contractor equipped to do design/build projects?

What Is design/build?

In the past, major home remodeling meant many things: seeking the service of an architect or a designer to plan the remodel, finding a contractor (and often subcontractors) for the actual construction, coordinating between them on budgets, timeframes, and workflow and so on. Then there were issues of misunderstanding, miscommunications, disagreements etc., which could affect the cost, time and the look of the finished project. And of course, the major headache for the homeowner was in terms of having to deal with so many different people.

A design/build remodeler is one who has the experience, skills and abilities to do everything from conceptualization to design, from budgeting to complete project execution. At one go, the homeowner is relieved of the hassles mentioned above and has only one company to deal with and a single point of responsibility for everything connected with the remodel. Not only does this make life easier for you, but also offers a host of other advantages.

The design/build advantages

Cost: The cost is lower, because there are fewer steps involved and parties to work with. This means that a home remodeling budget can stretch further. Needless and unplanned expenses due to change orders are reduced, since there will be no communication issues between parties. Hidden costs and surprises are eliminated, as the homeowner and contractor are the only parties involved in budget monitoring. Additionally, decisions can be taken quickly so that cost effective solutions can be applied.

Speed: Just one party – the design/build remodeler – is responsible for the entire project; there is no possibility of different priorities, leading to confusion and delays. Cash flow is easier to control: the design/build remodeler is the only person that receives payments; so the chances of delays due to sudden and conflicting demands for funds are ruled out. There is a single project manager who will be responsible for steady progress of work as per schedule.

You get exactly what you want: Since the homeowner has only one party to work with, the possibility of differing interpretations of ideas and objectives is significantly reduced. You know from the get-go what the end result will be.

You know what is happening: With one project manager to answer all your questions, you have information easily available on a daily basis: you always know exactly what is going on, and how the project is progressing.

The growing demand for design/build remodeling means there is an increasing demand for the right contractors too. There is a huge difference between words said and deeds done. When choosing a design/build home remodeling contractor, look for one who has the experience, skills, track record and testimonials to back up his claims. Home remodeling is never going to be fun, but with the right design/build, and the right contractor, it is as easy as it can be.


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