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How You can Plan the Addition of a Room

More space is always welcome in any home. The best way for you to get it is by the addition of a room. The planning process is important to ensure that you get the extent of space you want without any damage done to the look of your home, and that the new structure is sound in all respects. Your planning can be in five basic stages and if you work through each of them, you will be able to get the new room the way you want it.

1. Identify your objectives
Adding a room will give you more space. But what kind of space do you want? Is it a family room, an entertainment area or one that will just ease congestion? The type of room you add, and its location will depend on what the room is to be used for. The room you need for additional storage space and the one to accommodate a new family member are two completely different things. Trying to convert an addition to another use a few years down the road could involve a major expenditure.

2. Do your research

Spend time going through home design magazines and websites. Look for ideas and concepts that you like and make a file of them. Remember that even concepts you dislike may have an aspect that will work for you. Once you have a lot of ideas, start making a short list. Then sit with your contractor and go over the pros and cons of each one as related to your specific needs. This makes it possible for you to plan not only for what you want, but also for what will work for you.

3. Do your budgeting

You do not surely want just four walls and a ceiling. The room is going to be constructed for a specific

purpose, and so there should be matching design features you would love to add. Each of these will cost you money. Have a realistic budget so that the happiness of a new room is not followed by the unhappiness of an empty bank account. At the same time, remember that making major changes of features later on will be more expensive than doing them when the addition is being done.

4. Be sure of the location

The addition of a room will take up previously open space in your yard. Are you sure you want to cut down trees to accommodate the new room? Will you, in such a case, get the breeze, shade and sunlight you want?  What will the view from the windows be? A beautiful new addition will be less beautiful, if it is not in harmony with the exterior of the home.

5. Get the clearances you need

Building codes, setback restrictions and other regulations may cause you to change your plans. It is better to be sure of what you can and cannot do before you start planning. It will save you time, and prevent the disappointment of finding out later that the plan you have finalized is not permissible.

The best way to plan the right addition, carry it out the right way and peg it at the right cost, is to have the job done by a remodeling contractor who specializes in design-build remodeling projects. He will surely have the expertise and abilities to work with you to create the extra space you want and then seamlessly execute the project. With no middlemen, subcontractors and other parties involved, you can rest assured that the work will be done smoothly, on time and completed to your satisfaction.


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