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Home Remodeling: Current Trends You Need to Know

Trends can be useful. They tell you what other people are thinking and doing. They give you ideas which you can use in your own life. They are also dangerous – if you blindly follow what others say and do, you are in the soup.  Nowhere is this truer than in the matter of home remodeling. This is something that you do once or maybe twice in your lifetime. You want your home to be the best it can ever be, so you look for the best and brightest concepts and samples toadopt. But remember, the most popular ideas and features may not work for your home or family. With that in mind, here are a few fresh popular concepts that can be adapted to suit most homes.

The Healthy Home

It is so obvious that it may sound ridiculous even to mention these small things. But a healthy home is more than just one that does use zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint. Consider these other often overlooked issues:

  • Are all the rooms well ventilated?
  • If you live in an area with high levels of air and water pollution, do you need air and water filtration systems?
  • Have you maximized natural light? It’s not just a matter of saving on electricity. You know that sunlight is the major source of vitamin D, right?
  • What about artificial lighting? Are the work and study areas well lit? Strained eyes would  warrant spectacles.

Small things, yes. But they are essential too. If you spend a little time thinking about them and make provisions for them, your home will surely be a healthyhome.

The Creature Comforts Your Family Deserves

Think beyond the HVAC system and heated bathroom floors. What about heated towel racks? There’s nothing like a warm towel after a shower. Or a touchless toilet that works by waving a hand over it? How about a room that is designed around a home entertainment system? A home automation system that will turn on the lights and air conditioning and have your food hot and ready when you return home could be worth its weight in gold.

Recycle and Reuse

Recycling does not mean protection of the environment by compromising on the quality of your home life. Here’s an example of how. Go to landfill and collect some wood from old crates and shipping containers. Sand it and interesting grains and patterns often appear which you will not find in wood purchased from a lumber yard. Experiment with different stains and polishes. The end result is often something that adds life and character to your home. Keep your eyes open and you will see a lot of things that you can use.

Metal Is Not Cold and Lifeless

The use of metal in home d├ęcor is increasing, and with good reason. Not only is it long lasting and strong, it can give your home an aura of depth and richness that nothing else can. How would a room look with copper pendant lighting? Would a bronze sink transform the look of your kitchen? There are few things more contemporary than stainless steel cabinets.

Study trends but think outside the box to find ways to adapt them to your taste and needs.


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