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What are the latest green remodeling techniques in construction?

The world is getting more concerned about global warming and climate change every day. The recent spate of storms and hurricanes has left people wary and certain that unless changes are made, there is a bleak future ahead of them. One area where eco awareness has been increasing steadily has been in construction. People have started making a shift towards using green material in their buildings as much as possible.

These green materials vary from something simple as adding larger windows for lighting and ventilation to using wood or other bio degradable material in the construction.

The green revolution in construction


Over the last few decades, the construction industry has seen the introduction of a variety of green building material. Now, green buildings abound as people choose to lessen their carbon footprint. The actual construction costs of a green building may be a bit higher, but it makes up for it in the long run, as green buildings use less energy on a daily basis.

Green buildings are also a healthy environment for you and your family. Earlier, the smell and the chemicals used in the paint, linger for a while after you move in and those chemicals are harmful to health, causing anything between allergies to respiratory problems.

Green buildings are designed with large, open spaces instead of boxed in rooms, with enough ventilation to help in air circulation. This ensures that the indoor air quality is good. Large windows and skylights help bring in natural sunlight, which is healthy. Even if the design of the house and the acreage doesn’t lend itself to large windows, there are green products available that will help bring in natural sunlight, even to narrow spaces where natural light cannot reach.

Tips for a green remodel


If you have a home that is not environmental friendly or if you would like to change it to a green building, here are a few tips:
  1. Bio degradable bricks are available. These are a good option because even if you are thinking of a change in the design of your home in the future, you will not be adding to the pollution when breaking down and disposing the waste.
  2. Eco friendly paints like non toxic and VOC paints are available. These do not release chemicals into the atmosphere and are healthy.
  3. Use wood or other green material for flooring and walls. Unlike earlier times, there are cheaper options available. And they look good too.
  4. Make sure that you insulate your home well. By doing this, you will be using less energy to heat and cool your home thereby reducing energy consumption, and also in cutting your electricity bills.
  5. Use recycled material to remodel your home. In fact, if you can reuse the material that you are thinking of disposing, you will be spending less and not adding to the waste. If you cannot reuse your own material, recycled materials are available. With a little research you will be able to find something that would suit your home perfectly.
  6. Other small things that can add to green buildings are rain water harvesting, installing daylighting systems etc.

Green is in

Whether your green building is a commercial space or a residence, going green makes sense. With a green building, apart from the obvious fact that you are lessening your carbon footprint, you will also get a space that is energy efficient and costs less to run. A commercial green building is a sure way to impress clients as most businesses are taking environmental awareness seriously these days.


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