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Benefits of using Plexiglass for windows

Acrylic or Plexiglas windows are finding increasing popularity among home owners who are looking for an effective safe and easy to install option instead of glass. Plexiglass is not a total alternative to glass windows - it does have a few negatives. It scratches more easily than glass and is susceptible to melting if it comes in contact with direct heat. But the many advantages it offers makes installing Plexiglass windows something that every homeowner should consider.

Increased Transparency

Plexiglass is more transparent than glass and allows more light to enter the house. Glass allows about 80% of light to pass though it but Plexiglass allow 90% to pass. In regions where the sunlight is not so bright and the use of natural light should be maximized, Plexiglass is the better alternative. It also makes sense in low light conditions, such as tree shaded parts of a home.

Break And Shatter Resistance

Plexiglass windows have a much greater resistance to shattering than glass windows of the equivalent thickness. It takes a greater amount of force to create a crack in a Plexiglass window as compared to a glass one. And if and when a Plexiglass window does break, it will not shatter as glass does and there will be no danger from flying shards of broken glass. Plexiglass windows are ideal for places where children playing cause an increased risk of glass breakage or where climatic conditions such as hailstorms can result in a large number of cracked and broken glass windows.

Easy To Work With

If you are doing a window project yourself, using Plexiglass makes a lot of sense. It is lighter than glass, weighing only about half as much, which makes it easier to work with, especially if the panes are large or very thick. It is also easier to cut to the correct dimensions because it does not need to be scored and cracked in the way that glass does. Plexiglass window insert packages are available at most hardware stores and home improvement centers. This makes using Plexiglass very convenient for the home handyman or the DIY enthusiast.

Color Options

Plexiglass is available in a variety of colors - not just as clear. The most common colors are red, blue, green, yellow orange and brown. Fluorescent color Plexiglass and black and white sheets of the material are also available. Non-glare Plexiglass reduces reflection and glare from the window and frosted Plexiglass allows for light to enter the home while protecting it from prying eyes and curious gazes.

When To Do the Replacement 

If you are planning to change the windows of your home, either as a stand-alone project or a part of a major remodel, it makes sense to consider the replacing glass with Plexiglass. The various thicknesses available mean that using Plexiglas to replace glass often requires only the minimum modification to the window, if any. And Plexiglass can be used for single, double or even triple pane windows.

The variety of translucent colors option allows for the decorative use of colored natural lighting to add to the style and look of the home. If you are a competent DIY'er, you can think of doing the changeover from glass to Plexiglass yourself -it is light and easier to work with as compared to glass.

Plexiglass Has Many Applications

Plexiglass can be used almost anywhere that regular glass is used. The only restriction is when it comes to direct heat being applied to the material or when the chances of scratching it are very high.


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