Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Think About Your Pet When Remodelling

Your pooch or tabby is a beloved member of the family and its happiness is important to you. You look after its health, food, exercise, and play. But what about its comforts in the house? When planning a home remodel, the needs and creature comforts of the human occupants are considered, but what about the comfort of these “creatures”? Animals cannot speak, but they have their needs, likes, and dislikes. Incorporating features that will keep your pet happy, means that the remodeled home will make it as happy as it will the human inhabitants.

Home Remodeling

•  Heated Floors: Humans love warm floors. So do cats and dogs –ask the ones that curl up next to radiators and fireplaces when it's cold. If you are going in for heated flooring, think about the part of the home that your pet loves and do not leave this out.

•  Indoor Pet Retreats: These are usually placed near the back exit door and have a small lockable door for your pet to go in and out without troubling the humans to open the main door. These retreats offer a nice private place for your pet to call his or her own. The fancier ones have automatic feeders and drinking fountains in them so that you don’t have to worry about the pet being fed when you go out.

•  Platform Beds: A dog or cat bed, when placed on a cold floor, is not comfortable. A platform bed that is attached to the wall will provide your pet with a comfortable place to sleep year-round. If needed the bed can be folded to save space when not being used.

•  A Doggy Overlook: Pets, especially dogs, are always curious about what is going on around them. A doggy overlook is a small opening on the second floor that overlooks the back yard that is big enough for your pet’s head alone to pass through. It is a way for your pet to see what is happening outside while remaining indoors.

•  Designer Litter Boxes: A litter box will make your cat happy and a nicely designed one that fits in with the furniture will not look out of place.

• There is much more you could do – think about what your pet loves and talk to your remodeling contractor about ways to provide for it.

In addition, there are pet-friendly remodelling options that can make the humans happy.

•  Stain Resistant Carpeting and Fabrics: Pets are not the cleanest members of the family. Using stain-resistant materials where possible will reduce the amount of cleaning up that has to be done.

•  Linoleum Flooring: Dogs and cats do not care about linoleum, but the ease with which it can be cleaned after a pet “accident” is a blessing for the humans.

•  Storage: Pets acquire a large number of toys and other possessions over time. A specially made storage area for these things will help keep the house clutter-free.

Talk to your home remodelling contractor about the other things that you can do for your pet. Knowing that no one in the family has been left out makes the remodel even more special.

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