Monday, 26 December 2016

Remodeling Your House : Making Big Savings

A grave apprehension you could have when it comes to remodeling your house is managing the budget! The first step would be to get good contractor references from your trusted contacts. You can shortlist the probable ones next and ask for their prices. After that, you may consider the ideas given below for you to cut down the expenses, and complete your home remodeling project at an affordable price.

Recycling your old stuff

Consider the possibility of reusing materials like wooden flooring, wooden cabinets, etc of the existing house when you go in for a remodel; with just a few minor alterations of all such materials, you can save quite a significant amount instead of buying a whole lot of new materials at high costs.

Moreover, some recycled antique pieces might add a unique touch to your furnishing. A golden rule of thumb in home remodeling is “Every little thing adds up”. Save a little here and a little there and soon you’ll be amazed at the good amount of money collected thus.

If it’s not possible to recycle any of the old stuff, dispose of the entire lot at a good price and save the money for buying brand new materials.

Smart use of space and light

Develop smart ideas about enhanced use of space already available, without creating new space that will dearly add to the cost. You can reorganize and re-equip the rooms for much enhanced utility. Put up in the existing space additional shelves and upgrade your cabinets with dividers instead of making entirely new shelves and cabinets.

Brighten up the space with more natural light with light tubes installed between roof rafters that funnel sunshine down the living space. That will be another big saving.

Pruning the estimate

Discuss with your contractor, work out efficient ways of pruning the budget estimate, and try to bring down the cost as much as possible. Tap your contractor’s sources and contacts to get better discounts on materials. Check with your sub-contractor for odds and ends stocks left over from other jobs. He may surprise you with a huge quantity of raw materials at a cheap cost.

Considering a few do-it-yourself jobs

You may consider whether you can undertake a few DIY jobs like knocking down the walls, painting the walls, assembling the cabinets, etc. That might save you some money and get a good result. However, take the advice of experts to prevent misadventures.

For example, you should not end up damaging vital fixtures while bringing down a wall. If you are not confident, or you do not have the skills and the experience required, let there be no experimentation; you should not be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Contractor’s guidance

Some contractors do offer consulting and mentoring services, depending on the scale of your project. This may involve multiple site visits, several sets of remodel blue prints etc. Your contractor will try to economize on all the major modifications like plumbing and wiring, and give the best possible blueprint for the remodel.

An experienced contractor with a good reputation will assist you in cutting down your expenses without compromising on the quality of the work undertaken.