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Home Automation Wonders

Imagine how nice it would be to lock all the doors in your house by pressing a single button on your smartphone, or turn off all the lights and fans by giving a voice command. Wouldn’t it be very convenient for you to stay away from home and control everything at home? Home automation is all about making life that easier.

A professional remodeling contractor can help you transform your house fully automated and make it come alive by remote control from another part of the city, country, or even the world. Here are a few amazing tricks your automated house can do for you.

Enhanced security

You can install security cameras in your house integrated with your smartphone: you will be able to access any such camera in your house and view the live feed on your screen. Certain smart cameras can detect motion and rotate accordingly, and have night vision, live audio and video recording that can get uploaded to the cloud.

You can access the cameras remotely on your phone from any place in the world; the app that you have installed on your phone can do that for you. This is just a gist of the capability of your security automation system!

Comfort at any climate

Automating your climate controls in your house can give you the ultimate comfort at any season or time; be it summer or winter, day or night! Your house would have inbuilt sensors that can sense the temperature and climate outdoors and modify the temperature indoors accordingly. The sensors are placed at different parts of the house.

You can control the temperature changes remotely, or you may just let your home automation system decide what’s best for you. You can use your phone to control and set different temperatures at different rooms. Now your kids just cannot fool with the temperature settings you’ve carefully set!

Integrating your phone and your house

A major part of home automation is integrating your home controls with your phone. Once you get your home automation app on your phone, everything would be a click, touch or voice command away. Turn on your coffee maker, close your garage door, turn on machines, get your clothes or dishes washed and dried, surf between the channels on your TV – you just name it.

Automation through text messaging

Another feature your home automation includes is sending text messages to your devices to set a timer for the work to be done, or to your cooker to keep your food heated by the time you reach home. It’s that simple! You have thus the ultimate control of your home and the limitations are set only by your imagination.

Setting up a home automation system is a complex process and requires the expertise of an experienced professional remodeling contractor. S/He can equip your home with the best systems, sensors or cameras at the best available rate.

Home automation is a great step towards the futuristic world: it will cost a little extra, of course, but living a more comfortable, luxurious life is dream; you  shouldn’t hesitate to pay extra to live this dream, should you?


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