Sunday, 23 October 2016

Bathroom Remodeling: Common Problems

Bathroom is the place where you can have some peaceful and rejuvenating time of the day, and forget about all the worries of the world. If it is to be that way, it should have a serene ambience. A dark and dilapidated one serves only to add to your gloom and worsen your worries. Such a bathroom needs immediate attention in the form of a remodel.

The first step in remodeling your bathroom is to correct flaws in the existing design, which involves a series of irksome but essential modifications. Hiring a professional remodeling contractor will complete the project fast, to perfection and to your full satisfaction. You can expect your contractor to start the remodeling work along these lines.

Infested walls

You must have seen sometimes spots of black, white or green on your walls. Spots that look grainy give out a musty smell. These spots can be mold, mildew or fungus that might cause coughing, wheezing and other upper respiratory problems.  The contractor attends first to these harmful and dirty spots and clears out all the mold, mildew or fungus before starting any work.

Plumbing woes

Plumbing woes can make you feel miserable indeed: it may be blocked toilet bowl, dripping faucet, choked sink or clogged shower. These may all be due to rust/sediment deposits in pipes, worn out valves, regulators, washers and other plumbing fixtures or a more basic plumbing installation defect. Your contractor will attend to these problems before installing the new fixtures.

Drainage problems

Free flow of wastewater from your bathroom into the drainage system is of paramount importance. The contractor will check for blockages in your drains and stagnant pool of water on the bathroom floor. Stagnant water might seep under the tiles or into the bathroom walls warranting major repair work.  These problems too would be fixed before the actual remodel project commences.

Steam/Moisture vents issues

Every bathroom is usually provided with a proper steam and shower ventilation system of exhaust fans and outside vents. The contractor would test your ventilation system, run the shower with hot water and turn on the exhaust. If the function of your ventilation system is good, glasses and mirrors there wouldn’t fog, and the walls wouldn’t sweat. He would turn off the shower and see if the humidity is reduced within a short time. If these results were unsatisfactory, he would fix the ventilation system.

Electrical wiring flaws

Bathroom is a place, which is typically damp and moisture-ridden. The electrical wiring and fixtures there are worn out earlier than those in other places of your house are. Ventilation, heating and lighting appliances there become erratic in their function, exposing you sometimes to electrical shock; they do require pre-construction attention.

Your professional remodeling contractor would get all these jobs done at reasonable rates. You can count on the experience and expertise of his technical team of plumbers, electricians, masons and others. Moreover, they would finish their work on time so that you realize the full value of the money and time you spend on the project.

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