Friday, 23 September 2016

Remodeling your Bathroom

The bathroom should be a loveable part of your home: it is where you tend to bask in warm water, relax and forget the many cares of your everyday life for a while.

When you come out, you should feel utterly refreshed, ready for the activities of the day, however demanding they may be. It is not an exaggeration to say that great ideas leading to great creations can be born in the bathroom.

When remodeled, your bathroom should have all the cozy features possible – the ones you love most – the ones that can rejuvenate you and recharge fully your battery. Listed below are a few bathroom-remodeling tips for your consideration.

Planning the bathroom remodel

Jot down on a note-pad the new features and changes in the existing features you desire to have in your bathroom remodel. You need to focus on bathtub, washbasin, toilet, showers, flooring, mirrors, electrical fixtures, cabinets and so on. You should not forget to make provisions for the safety and comfort of seniors.

Sit with your contractor, discuss the feasibility of all your ideas and seek expert guidance. He can provide you with a satisfying blueprint, incorporating whatever is feasible and giving his own finer touches. The blueprint would of course be tempered by the budget you can afford.

Changes in the plumbing system

Better, ensure you do not think of major changes that would mess up the plumbing network too much. You can, if needed, change plumbing fittings and fixtures under the guidance of your contractor.

Changes in flooring

You can think of different types of flooring for your bathroom from tiles to marbles; you may need carpets in certain portions or even a fluffy, comfy flooring layer. The woes of maintenance will have a bearing upon the choice of materials. For example, hardwood would be a very bad idea as moisture and humidity would damage it.

However, you may use wooden flooring in the cabinet room that leads into the bathroom. Your cabinets too can be made of wood, as the moisture content there is limited unlike the bathroom.

Choice of mirrors

Without an exception, we all fall in love with our own ‘dazzling’ images in a mirror, especially in the bathroom. Surely, you need a gorgeous mirror in your bathroom remodel. You can have circular mirrors, planar mirrors or custom-made mirrors that match your tastes and the remodel.

The question of cost

The funds you can provide is the limiting factor that decides how much of scaling up or down the remodel design is necessary. The extent of changes you desire, the design, choice of materials, fittings and fixtures and everything else depend on the budget available.

It is crucial therefore to arrive at an affordable estimate, before you launch the remodel. Your professional remodeling contractor can help you with a reasonable estimate without compromising the quality or the aesthetics of the project.

You will naturally have many questions and difficulties in making your choices vis-à-vis reasonable prices. A professional remodeling contractor can help you in every possible way and make your dream come true.