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How to Keep your Remodel on Track (Part-2)

Delays in remodeling projects are a pain for everyone. Penalty clauses, fines or whatever will not make up for the frustration of not being able to resume your normal home life, as you expected to. Keeping this in mind, let us look at a few more things you can do to keep your remodel project on track.

Keep distractions away

Sure, people love children and pets and enjoy spending time with them; those working on your home remodel are no exception. Just remember that the time workers spend with your kids and pets is time they are not working – time that is added on to the project.

Additionally, and even more importantly, children and animals can easily injure themselves when surrounded by power tools and sharp objects. Keep workers away from all possible distractions on the work spot.

Can you move out?

A home remodel is not cheap, and moving out while the work is underway will only add to the cost. However, having the family around while the work is underway means that compromises have to be made, to accommodate the living needs of your family. This will interfere with the remodel work and add to the project time.

If you can’t move out for the entire duration of the project, discuss with the contractor the possibility of moving out for short periods which will facilitate  the progress of critical aspects of the remodel much more smoothly.

It’s not good to be too friendly

Treating your remodel workers politely is good. Offering them an occasional cup of coffee or cookies (if possible) and so on, helps establish a warm relationship with them. That kind of personal interaction is welcome as far as the smooth progress of the work is concerned.

However, asking too many questions, chatting with them and taking up their time by asking them to help you out with things not related to the remodel do distract them from their work and cause delays. Be nice but do not allow things to get in the way of the remodel.

Listen to expert advice

It is your home and must be remodeled the way you want. However, that does not mean the contractor’s expert advice and suggestions can be ignored. Your contractor understands the technical issues of the remodel much better than you do.

Listen to what he has to say on technical matters. If you don’t agree, understand what the implications of doing it your way are, and if that will delay completion. If it does, that is your decision and then it will no longer be a delay but a revised completion date.

The best way to keep your remodel on track is to use the services of a professional home remodeling contractor with the right qualifications and impeccable credentials.

That means he should be a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI); have years of experience; employ a highly skilled crew; have testimonials to prove the quality of the work done. With such a contractor, you should have no cause for worries.


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