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Stay Secure While You Remodel Your Home

You don’t go out late in the evening, leaving the front door of your home wide open, do you? You will never ever think of doing such a thing, when there is no door to close, or a part of a wall gapes. This can happen during a remodeling, and it’s something that burglars love. How can you keep your family and possessions safe during a home remodel? Listed below for your benefit are a few simple ideas.

  • Remove valuables and small precious items that could get easily lost in the mess of the remodel. Leave them with a trusted friend or relative.
  • Make all payments for the remodel by credit card or checks. The less money you have in the house, the lower the risk.
  • Employ a trustworthy contractor. Everyone has had some experience with or has heard horror stories about bad or dishonest contractors. Finding a reputable and honest home remodeling contractor is not hard. Look for one that: has been in business for a long time; has great testimonials; is willing to put you in touch with people whose homes he has remodeled; is a member of an association like the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). A contractor who is hesitant in providing his credentials is one to be avoided.
  • Keep your home brightly lit at night with both indoor and outdoor lights. Install outdoor lights, if you don’t have them. External lights with motion sensors are inexpensive to use, and they will provide additional security to your home both during and after the remodel. Integrate them into your remodeling project.
  • If yours is a major project, there may be different work groups doing different things all at the same time. Tools and materials may be left lying outside your home. It’s true that theft of any equipment is the contractor’s problem; but let it not tempt burglars to venture further into your home. Talk to your contractor about observing all possible safety precautions.
  • Keep your alarm company informed about the project. A remodeling project could possibly affect the operation of the alarm system, leaving your home vulnerable. If you are not going to be in your home while the work is going on, consider installing some security cameras so that you can monitor the house remotely.
  • Employ a design-build remodeling contractor. This will help reduce the number of subcontractors and strange workmen wandering around your home.
  • If all the members your family have to go out during the day, ask neighbors to keep an eye on your home, and report to you promptly suspicious loitering of strangers around your home.

The best way to keep your home and possessions safe during a remodel is to engage a professional home remodeling contractor, who is not only reputed but also client-focused. You can talk about your security concerns with such a company, and they will work with you to find the best solutions for keeping your family and your home safe during the remodel.


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