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Curb Appeal Remodeling: A few Ideas for Your Benefit

To put it simply, curb appeal is the overall impact your home makes when it is first seen. You do not, of course, want the whole world to visit your home to admire how beautiful it is. But it would be nice to know that everyone who passes by stops for a few seconds to look at it.

However, curb appeal is about more than just the pride you have in your home, which affects its value, and is a major consideration when time comes to sell it. For both these reasons, a major home remodel that ignores the exteriors is an incomplete one.

The scope of the work required for revamping the external look of your home will depend on the amount of change to be done, and the essential repairs that may be required. An expert remodeling contractor will be able to guide you on what to or not to do, and how it should be done.

That being said, here are a few basic issues of the curb appeal of a home you should be familiar with, which will be helpful when you toy with the idea of remodeling your home.

Clean up the clutter

Anything that detracts you from the architectural appeal of your home is clutter. This does not mean simply cleaning up the driveway and putting away toys spread over the lawn. The flowerbeds should be tidied up, and dead and dying shrubs and bad plants must be removed.

The best way to go about it is to identify everything that is non-essential; visualize without these things the look of your home. Then let remain a few of those features that you think will add to the basic look.

Remove the ugly

If yours is an older structure, there may be dilapidated or worn-out features. Because you have lived with them for so long, you may not notice them. But others, with keen eyes will. The most common problem areas are worn-out doors, rotted wooden shutters, rusty metal awnings, worn louvered windows, and window bars.

Since it will be difficult for you to recognize where the problems are, ask friends to help you identify the issues. Then talk to your remodeling contractor and get his expert opinion on what needs to change and what the new options are.

Remove danger

Walk towards your home from the sidewalk. Look carefully for anything that is broken, uneven or missing. A visitor can easily notice these things. Broken flagstones, uneven paving and damaged steps are common eyesores, and they are a potential source of danger too. Have these replaced for the sake of appearance and the safety of your family and visitors as well.

Let not your home stand out like a sore thumb

It’s indeed nice when your home stands out a little from others around you. Incorporate features in the exterior that achieve this effect. But be careful not to overdo it in such a way that your home stands out like a sore thumb. Besides looking odd, a home that does not fit in with the neighborhood will suffer in its value when you want to sell it.
The outward appearance of your home proclaims to the world that you really are, and the kind of family that lives there passionately. A remodeling contractor who specializes in whole-house design-build remodeling and room additions will be able to work with you to create both the kind of home you want to live in, and the one that the world will admire.


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