Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Understanding Home Automation (Part–1)

A generation ago, home automation meant a remote control device used to open your garage door. Today, home automation is very high-tech and the essential foundation of a ‘smart home.’ There are three components to the smart home:
  1. Home automation, the first, is where electrical devices are hooked up to a central system that automates actions based on user input – for example, the window shades can come down at a predetermined time every day;
  2. The second is a system of connected devices that uses the internet and sensors to anticipate the user's needs – for example, the GPS in your car can tell your home when you will arrive, so that the lights and air conditioner will be on when you open the door;
  3. The final component is the ’Internet of Things’ (IoT) which uses internet, systems, sensors and processors to allow devices to interact and work in complete automation, with almost no user input.
When you do need to control the systems, you can do it all with a smart phone.

What things home automation can do for you

  • It can help you control your home in every conceivable way, at any second – day or night, from wherever you are. You can switch on your oven, lock the back door, check on your dog and crank up your fridge for more ice when visitors come, and much, much more. You can do this from the office or from the other side of the world.
  • Your life is a lot more convenient and easy. Sensors can tell you when there is no bread in your fridge. You can program locks to allow specific people to enter your home at specific times. You can check on who is ringing your doorbell when you are out. Your home can be lit, cooled and have music set to play for you when you get home from a long and tiring trip.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, smoke detectors and motion sensors will inform you of any intrusions or threats to your home, wherever you are as and when a danger arises. Sensors can detect water and gas leaks, carbon monoxide in the air and all kinds of other dangers and thus help you take prompt action to prevent a problem from turning into a disaster.
  • For seniors, life can be made much simpler and safer with automatic lights, audio reminders of medications and times, voice-activated alerts and other crucial things. With these facilities, the elderly will be able to live independently and confidently for many more years.

Every family has its own home automation needs. What you opt for in your home will depend on your requirements and budget.  The best time to install it is when you think of a home remodel. This will enable all the components of the system to be put in place in the most efficient manner as part of a plan close to your heart.

A home remodeling company which specializes in home automation and design-build projects is the best agency to do the job. The contractor will be able to work with you to choose the systems and technology that suit you. He will then integrate the systems into the project to make available to you a remodeled home that not only looks great, but also works the way you want it to. Being smart about your contractor will give you a home that is truly ’smart’.

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