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Pet Friendly Home Remodeling

According to the American Humane Society, there are over 160 million cats and dogs living in homes across the country. They are there because they are loved as much a part of the family as everyone else is. So why don’t you spend a little time thinking about making your pet more comfortable when you plan your home remodel? You don’t have to do much, of course! 

You know your pet well and what makes him (and you) happy very well. Talk to your remodeling contractor about what you would like to do. He may have some ideas of his own to complement yours and the two of you together can create a home that is friendly to both humans and pets. That being said, here are few common ideas you could consider.
  • An indoor pet retreat: This is a small room, usually located outside the back of the home with an access door that allows your pet to go in and out directly from the house. It has a lockable exterior door for safety. It can be designed to have an automatic feed and water fountain, along with a mattress and whatever else you think the pet would enjoy.
  • Cat trees and ramps: Cat trees are floor to ceiling pillars covered with rope or carpeting that a cat can climb up. Cat ramps are ramps that go diagonally up walls to long shelves that run below the ceiling, which cats can walk around.
  • An Overlook: This is an opening on the second floor. It is big enough to your dog to put his head through so that he can keep an eye on the humans in the yard.
  • Floors: Your pet enjoys warmth in cold weather as much as you do. That’s why he curls up near the radiator. Heated floors are things that both humans and pets love. Nonslip flooring in the family room or whereveryou play with him will prevent him from slipping and maybe hurting himself.
  • Disguised Litter boxes: These are as much for you as for your cat. They can be designed to look like a piece of furniture. One could be placed in the garage with a hidden door that gives the cat access whenever he wants, but will not spoil the look of the interior.
  • Folding platform beds: If your pet shares your bedroom, a folding platform bed attached to the wall will give him his own place to sleep. It can be folded up against the wall during the day. It won’t take up space and you won’t keep tripping over it the way you do on a pet mattress or rug.
  • A storage room: This is for you if you buy pet supplies in bulk.
The best way to remodel your home, including making it pet friendly, is to talk to a design-build remodeling contractor. His design skills will enable him to work with you to create the look and feel that you want. Since he will also be doing the construction, you can be sure that there will be no communication gaps, and you will get your home remodeled exactly the way you expected.


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