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Remodeling a nursery

Having a baby is an exciting time in a parent’s life. Bringing a life into the world is one of the most beautiful and miraculous wonders. Getting a nursery ready for your soon to be born baby is an exciting and creative venture. You can let loose all your ideas and make a beautiful nursery.

But wait! Step back for a minute and look at the bigger picture. Many expectant parents get lost in the tiny details of the nursery, like the color and theme that they quite miss out on the more important points. This room could be the one that your child grows up in. So, think long term.

What should you consider when designing a nursery?

Whether you already have space that you are remodeling into a nursery, or you are making an addition to your home, there are some points to consider.

1.    Space

A baby’s nursery doesn’t need much space. A corner for the crib, a closet and a changing table are the basic necessities and these can fit in easily into a small space. But imagine a couple of years from now, when your baby is a toddler and needs space to run around. You would need space to put in a pen to ensure your baby is safe. If you plan well in advance, the nursery could in the future become a teenager’s bedroom with a bed and desk and all the accessories a teenager needs.
You can remodel the room according to your child’s age but it is much more difficult to add space. So, plan in advance.

2.    A healthy place

There are many ways to ensure that the space that you are creating for your baby is healthy. Your baby needs fresh air and natural light, at least for a little while each day. If you intend to take your baby for a walk every day, they will get the benefit of nature, but by making large windows, you are making sure that your baby’s room is filled with natural light and fresh air always. 

When painting the room for the baby, parents usually think long and hard about what color they should choose. Not all consider the kind of paint that they should choose. There are non toxic paints available and that would be the best option for a nursery since they will not emit any harmful substances into the room. 

3.    Flooring

The nursery will be your baby’s space for a while to come. And babies equal constant messes. Make sure that the flooring in the nursery is something durable and non slippery. It should be easy to clean and when your baby starts to stand and take their first steps, it should give them enough traction to help them walk. When you browse online, there are plenty of good looking floors which look great in photographs, but when installed, are difficult to maintain. So choose wisely!

4.    Furniture

When designing furniture for the baby’s room, keep it simple and cheap. Or you could buy pieces that can be reused. For example, instead of a cradle, buy a crib that your baby can use for some years. Design the changing table as a piece in which you can store things in as your child grows. Make the wardrobe big enough for your kid to use when they get older.

Although these points seem minor now, you will save a lot in the longer run. When remodeling, make the nursery as beautiful as you can but design wisely with an eye on future changes.


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