Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Ideas for remodeling your kitchen

Do you remember your first kitchen? Maybe you’d just moved to a new city and had finally got a place of your own. You probably had a dingy little kitchen with a small window that you tried to make as pretty as possible. How about when you moved into your first house with your partner? Maybe a small house, with a small kitchen, but can you forget the joy you felt in doing up the kitchen and making it as comfortable as possible. Cooking is a great way to de-stress, after a hard day’s work. It is where the family congregates whether it is for a rushed breakfast, a lazy lunch or a leisurely dinner. How long have you dreamed of a kitchen which has everything you want and is absolutely perfect? Maybe this New Year is the time to make that dream come true.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you get the kitchen of your dreams. You need to plan well and get a good remodeling company who understands your needs and will be able to do exactly what you want, or if that is impossible in the space you have, give you a clever alternative. 

What are the basic needs in a kitchen?


Many people would probably say the cooking range or appliances are the most important part of the kitchen. But, if you think about it, to make the kitchen user friendly, you need to have good storage. Closed cabinets to keep your provisions in, cupboards for your utensils, cabinets with slide out options where you can keep your blenders and mixers, and drawers for all the cutlery and tools that you would use regularly. You could also have glass fronted cabinets to display your pretty china and other collectibles. By providing ample space for storage, you can have a clean, clear countertop on which to work on. 

Use materials of good quality

Using wood that is more expensive may stretch your budget a bit, but it is better in the long run. A kitchen is one of the areas in a house that is used a lot. There is a lot of foot traffic, the cabinets and drawers are being opened and closed regularly. You don’t want to end up paying to have cabinets and drawers replaced because of bad material. Even the small details matter, like the hinges for the cabinets and the sliding mechanism for the drawers. The better the quality, the longer they will last.

Island or no island?

Islands in the middle of a kitchen are a delight, but make sure that you have ample space for an island before putting one in. Though it’s probably everyone’s dream to have this elegant island in the middle of the kitchen around which the family can sit or to give you more space to work on, in a smaller space, it would just be in the way. 

Make sure that your kitchen is maintenance free

A kitchen should be a place where you can work in peace, clean up quickly, and not a place where something is always going wrong. So make sure that you use easy to clean material for countertops, flooring and walls. Ensure that your appliances have ample space and are of good quality. Your kitchen sink, faucet and plumbing should be of good quality. Consider having an exhaust installed, if you do not have many windows in the kitchen. By taking a little care now, you can avoid a lot of discomfort in the long run. 

A kitchen should be a happy place that you and your family want to spend time in. Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year and hoping that your remodeled kitchen turns out exactly how you want it to.

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