Friday, 26 July 2013

Kitchen Makeovers On A Tight Budget

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is also one of the most used rooms in the house. That means that it shows signs of age far sooner than any other place. And when the heart is old and tired, it affects all the other rooms too. The solution to this is a kitchen makeover. This does not involve spending huge amounts of money to do a complete remodel. There are lots of inexpensive and DIY options available to you to give the kitchen a new look and to make it an easier place to work in.
  • The quickest and most all inclusive way to give the kitchen a new look is with a new coat of paint. There are tons of colors to choose from in wipe-clean paints and in a weekend a normal sized kitchen can be completed. A splash of bright color on the cabinets can add to the cheery effect.
  • Rugs are not usually found in kitchens, but why go in for the usual? A cheerful rug (in a place where staining is least likely) adds a homely touch and gives the kitchen a unique personality. Additionally, having a rug underfoot when working add to your comfort levels.
  • Plumbing plays an important part in the appearance of any kitchen. If your faucets are old and tired looking, changing them for something new and modern looking is not very expensive. Spend some time looking at the various styles and finishes available and find the one that goes best with how you picture the made over kitchen is going to look.
  • Lighting makes a huge difference to the atmosphere of a kitchen. Lights are also often ignored or overlooked. Examine your lights carefully. Are they looking old and dull and will they fit in with the look you plan for the kitchen? If changing them sounds like a good idea, do not hesitate. You can get very attractive light fixtures at reasonable costs. If you do not want to make extensive changes, then changing lights over the island and a few other focus points will still give you a great new look.
  • Cabinets are an integral part of all kitchens. They are also one of the first places to show signs of age and use. Painting or staining the cabinets will form part of the paintwork mentioned earlier. Even if you do not want to paint the whole kitchen, re-doing the finishof the cabinets will still make a huge difference.
  • If you don’t want or need to paint the cabinets, what about changing the hardware? This is a simple low cost project and a visit to your local hardware store will offer you a wide range of choices. For the drawers you could use assorted but complimentary pulls for a modern, fun effect.
  • If you are up to some DIY work, you could consider tiling the backsplash behind the sink. This is not only going to add a splash of color to the room, it will protect the often damp area behind the sink from damage. If the tiling is already in place, think about changing it.
  • Kitchen windows are often overlooked when it comes to makeovers. A nice window dressing will add a touch of class to any kitchen and draw the eye away from less attractive areas.
  • If your kitchen is a bit cramped, you can give it a more open and spacious feel by replacing the cabinets with open shelves. Not only will you be able to display your dishes, the open look will make the kitchen appear to be larger than it is.

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