Wednesday, 10 April 2013

7 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

The kitchen is the real heart of the home and is the object of a large proportion of home remodeling projects. The important thing to keep in mind when planning a remodel is that the kitchen is more than just a work area - it is a place to socialize over a cup of coffee, do odd jobs and where families meet up during the course of busy days. Because of this the kitchen has to be both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. It is in trying to combine these two objectives that many homeowners make mistakes. 

7 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

1. Keep the access open. The area between the sink, stove and refrigerator is called the kitchen triangle and this is where most of the activity takes place. There must be enough open space to allow for free movement. It can be tempting to take shortcuts by installing the sink and stove close to where the plumbing and piping for the gas are. Spending a little to have the piping modified to allow for the triangle to be open so that movement from one place to another is convenient is important.

2. Maximize the storage. The kitchen is full of things that need to be stored. From utensils to crockery and cutlery, appliances such a food processors and stand mixers, spices and all kinds of odds and ends. The more stuff left lying in the open, the more cluttered and uncomfortable the kitchen will appear. Do not make the mistake of underestimating your storage requirements. It will always be far more than you think. Keep in mind that many items like food processors are bulky and awkwardly shaped so they take up a lot of space. Maximize the cabinets in the kitchen, including upper level cabinets that may need a stool or a step ladder to access. These are where the things you need only occasionally can be stored. 

3. Think of counter space. The kitchen is a work area and that means that you need space to do it in. Inadequate counter space is a common complaint in kitchens. Think of all the activities that need counter space and plan accordingly, keeping in mind that there are some appliances that need to be permanently available on the counters. An island is great ways to get extra space as is a breakfast bar which also gives a place to sit and talk with friends who drop in.

4. You need light to work. Knives are used in the kitchen which means that there must be good lighting so they can be used safely. Being able to clearly see the food that is prepared is an essential part of good cooking. And good lighting is needed when doing odd jobs, when the kids are doing their homework there and when friends drop in. Make sure that each work area has all the lighting that is needed to work comfortably.

5. Don't forget the ventilation. There is nothing that kills the appetite like the smell of stale food and smoke. It can also permeate fresh food that is being prepared. Make sure that your kitchen hoods and ventilation system are good enough to always keep you kitchen smelling clean and fresh.

6. Don't put style before substance. Everyone wants a great looking kitchen, but to get a kitchen that is a comfortable place to work, focus first on all the things that need to be done there and then look at style and design concepts that can accommodate your priorities. 

7. Don't ignore the garbage. With everyone recycling, garbage management is something that needs to be kept in mind. Plan on how and where garbage bins will be placed along with different bins to make segregation easy.